If its comedy you’re after, then comedy you shall get with The Rock and the Hart comedy ‘Central Intelligence’. To be honest, the trailer looked like this was going to be ‘Ride Along 3’, but with jokes. After watching the movie, this film exceeded my very low expectations.

The film explores twenty years after graduation where Calvin (Kevin Hart) was voted as the kid to most likely exceed after high school. However, while his “Golden Jet” days were gone, he is now an accountant which Calvin is slightly disappointed in which his career ended up going. But he is met by a mysterious stranger named Bob Stone, who just happened to be Robbie Wheirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) who has spent the last twenty years of getting into shape after his experience at school of being made fun of.

‘Central Intelligence’ starts off slow, missing most of its jokes which becomes awkward and raunchy for the sake of being raunchy. However, after the film’s first thirty minutes, it started to hit its jokes more and became a film that I was getting bored, to a film that I was occasionally really enjoying and getting into, thanks to Johnson’s and Hart’s chemistry and charisma they bring to their roles. Plus, the action sequences when they happen reminds me of the ‘Jump Street’ and ‘Rush Hour’ films. It was weird, yet enjoyable, to see The Rock being geeky but making geeky look cool because, c’mon, he is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he makes unicorns look cool, and seeing Kevin Hart being the more straight serious character was interesting, yet still having some of his Hart-isms, but far few unlike other films like the unbearable ‘Ride Along 2’ from earlier of this year.

‘Central Intelligence’ has its share of laughs and great chemistry of its two leads. It can be a bit dragged out, but the film becomes more enjoyable and funnier as the film progresses along. You end up just going for the ride in the end.