It’s been twenty years in the film and in reality since 1996’s blockbuster smash hit ‘Independence Day’, and now the next chapter in the now ‘Independence Day’ franchise is resurging in theatres.

The sequel sees humanity at peace since the summer of 96, and that humanity have tapped into alien technology. However, many who experienced the events in the first film are experiencing visions of a weird oval shape. Only problem, we don’t what that shape represents.

The sequel actually has some great visual effects (although, that’s what you expect in an ‘Independence Day’ movie) with fast sci-fi action and some sleek alien designs. Even some of the acting is commendable, newcomer Maika Monroe (‘It Follows’) is the stand-out, providing emotion and a great chemistry with her character’s father who is once again portrayed by Bill Pullman who plays former president Thomas J. Whitmore. I really liked Jessie Usher who plays the stepson of Will Smith’s character Steven Hiller, however I wished I got more development from his character, despite his heroism like his father as a natural born leader. Although, the character that was the coolest to watch is definitely the African warrior named Dikembe Umbutu who is portrayed by Deobia Oparei. His character is a badass and owns the action scenes he is present in, while also providing a more human side to his character. I wanted more from this character as he was the most interesting role in the film.

The film features many cheesy lines of dialogue that isn’t particularly funny, and it mostly comes across as awkward. However, the film’s story is a bit all over the place. I liked how the film started off, exploring this moon base and the crash site of one of the spaceships from the first film. Although, it kind of goes a bit too big, a bit too ambitious, and for that, brings a more convoluted feeling, like why do we really care about these teens and kids driving for survival? That scene comes across as filler, and just a weird plot goal to get to Jeff Goldblum’s character. The film just has this weird tone to it, thanks mainly by some of its jumbled editing and a strangely a very abrupt ending. Although, with that said, there was enough to be entertained by its action sci-fi spectacle, along with some solid acting performances by key players.

If loud action spectacle what you want from ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ you’ll be pleased, but wanting a bit more, you might find enjoyable or a bit of a letdown.