(PLEASE NOTE: This review contains spoilers, so avoid reading if you haven’t seen the film).

While I congratulated Sony Pictures Animation on a fantastic film being ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’, the sequel is a mixed bag. While it does get things right, it also has a leak with the sequel ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’.

The film literally starts where the first film ended, after the gang decide to build a laboratory called Sparkswood (such a catchy name) they are greeted by a scientist, and Flint’s hero, Chester V, who asks everyone to relocate from Shallow Falls as they decide to clean up and find the machine FLDSMDFR.

The sequel’s first half an hour is a chore to get through, the film progresses passed many months, from a montage of submitting ideas and inventions to this award show at Chester V’s company, instead we should have gotten some character growth between Flint and Sam, and the rest of the crew, but get tossed aside for the majority of the first half, so it becomes harder to care about this friendship that was non-exist in the first film, only to be a big part of the film’s story in the end of the second arc. The film also suffers from revealing the villain from the get go, instead could have been more interesting and suspenseful towards the film’s third arc to reveal the villain and their plans, but because the audience knows, it’s hard to get invested towards this character we are supposed to appreciate, like Flint.

However, the film does have some positives, the jokes, for the most part, are hilarious and clever, especially towards all the food puns you’ll be banana splitting over? No, not funny, okay moving on! The sequel also has an engaging story, once the characters reach the island of leftovers, and becomes an inventive film that has so much fun towards all of these food living characters. Also, there’s a twist towards the end that I didn’t see coming, which was great to see.

‘Cloudy 2’ is an above average sequel, that delivers on fun and humour, while the story being relatively simple and charming, however follows some leaks in the film’s flow, plot arcs and character relationships – because that’s a vital part to the film’s overall message.