Videogame films have proven to be misses in terms of quality, we’ve already had ‘Ratchet & Clank’ and ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ – with the latter proven to be mildly entertaining with a bland story. Now comes another videogame turned film, this time live-action based on the popular franchise ‘World of Warcraft’. Let’s take a look into the world of ‘Warcraft’.

‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ (as it’s titled in Australia) sees the film with the orcs entering the world of the humans through a portal of sorts called the “Gate”. With the orcs slaving humans, the people of the Stormwind Kingdom have decided to go into war with these orcs, clashing between two different species to fight to save their world – along with the help of a Guardian.

‘Warcraft’ is a visual delight, offering some great effects and plenty of spectacle to enjoy in loud battles and fights. From the look of the Guardians powers to the visual design of the orcs themselves, the film is enriched with stellar visuals that audiences will enjoy.
However, a film can’t always rely on visual effects being its saving grace.

Although, at times I enjoyed some of the acting from certain characters like Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel and Toby Kebbell, however the film’s story pacing and writing is the element that doesn’t hold the film together enough. While at times I enjoyed certain scenes, overall the film didn’t make me invested with these characters which is the true villain of the movie, as the film brings on heart and emotional conflicts, but came as an afterthought, much to the detain that ‘Batman v Superman’ suffered with early this year – which is a real letdown.

There was potential, however felt mediocre and not well executed. There is some fun and joy in places, however the film tries but sadly doesn’t succeed. This film should have been longer and developed these characters and this story more as it felt slightly rushed, moving from one perspective to another very fast and the film is finding hard to breath.

If you’re a fan of this game series, you might enjoy it more, as this film may be more accessible to fans only, and outsiders like myself will find it hard to appreciate this world and the movie as a whole.