I haven’t been a huge fan of Sony Pictures Animation’s films as they have been quite unremarkable and quite forgettable animated films, such as ‘Open Season’ and ‘The Smurfs’, although the studio has produced the enjoyable ‘Surf’s Up’, but you know what, sometimes there’s that special unique gem that just manages to do everything right, and that crowning jewel in the animation studio’s library of films is ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’, based upon the book by author Judi and Ron Barrett.

The film is about an aspiring scientist named Flint Lockwood who has dreams of making the town happy, and one day receive the town’s golden scissors. With many failed inventions, Flint becomes the laughing stock of the town called Swallow Falls, however, he creates an invention that produces food, since the town eat nothing but sardines, and the whole town suddenly loves him.

‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’ has vibrant colourful animation, the best I’ve seen from SPA. The film is written with care towards the film’s likeable and relatable set of characters, all having goals and obstacles they face. Flint is the aspiring inventor that wants the town and his father to be proud of him. Weather presenter Sam Sparks seems quite shallow, but secretly is very smart. Both of these characters create this bonding friendship for their brains and that everyone have called them both a laughing stock. I also loved Flint and his father’s family relationship dynamic, as it is quite powerful of his father disapproving his inventions and often calling them as unrealistic for a career. The only problem is towards the characters of Brent, as I found him to be quite annoying, and often gets in the way for the film’s heroes, although he has little screen time so he doesn’t affect much of the film’s story.

The film’s writing is spot on, and this is due to the writers and directors of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, adapting their source material, and providing a unique and fun adventure, filled with well executed shots, an example is the dam of leftover food breaking, and some humorous gags.

‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’ is fun, unique and powerful, and is far beyond SPA’s previous works.