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The sequel to 2013’s surprise hit ‘Now You See Me’ welcomes back almost everyone as they have returned from hiding after their stunt from the last film as they use magic tricks to distract people from robbing an insurance company. Will they pull a rabbit from a hat or will they present a fools card. Let the magic tricks begin.

Following a year after the events of the first film, the four horseman is down to three, presenting a new female into the mix of horsemans being Lula May (Lizzy Caplan). Why? For the story of the film of course. I’ll get to more about Lula later in the review. This time, they work for Walter (Daniel Radcliffe) who must steal this new software tech.

The sequel frustrated me. It really did. I liked the first film. I found the 2013 flick to be enjoyable and entertaining, while some hiccups, it was an enjoyable magical ride. The sequel on the other hand featured so much potential to be a smart follow-up that at times was better than the first film, but overall it was flat, despite some greatness thrown in there. Mark Ruffalo’s character is the highlight for me, as he was the only character that showed growth and showed an emotional side to him, and what he does makes sense for the arc of his character. However, his scene is just a tiny part of the film overall. Although, I will say some of the magic tricks were really cool and are the best part about the film offering fun and inventive tricks that really engage you, such as Jesse Eisenberg’s character switching different personalities in one scene. It’s pretty ridiculous, but it was flat out funny and engaging to watch.

However, there is a lot that doesn’t work with this movie, such as Woody Harrelson’s twin brother who was far too goofy and silly. Did we really need him? Lizzy Caplan’s character was painfully written in as a replacement for Isla Fisher’s character from the first film, and its not so much the character, but the writing for introducing her as later in the film they state the horseman as the chosen ones, but Caplan’s character of Lula was not chosen, she just appeared out of the blue to be a part of the team. Although, I really didn’t like the character that much as she was basically the comic-relief of the movie, although there was one scene which I really liked which involves with Dave Franco’s character.

‘Now You See Me 2’ reappears, then disappears, as a sequel that has potential, and while offers thanks to Ruffalo’s character growth and some cool magic trick scenes, it gets far off in silly territory and some writing problems as mentioned.