As requested, I explore the thriller flick ‘The Boy Next Door’.

The film sees Claire (Jennifer Lopez) who is confronted by the fact that her husband has cheated on her, and are going through the separation phase of their marriage. However, a boy next door named Noah (Ryan Guzman) moves in with his sick uncle (who goes missing after his introduction for some reason) and starts helping around Claire’s house, becoming friends with Claire’s son and starts having an affair with Claire herself.

‘The Boy Next Door’ has elements of drama and suspense, however the execution is done quite poorly. The reason for Claire and Noah to end up having an affair is laughably written. She decides to get the hots for Noah by looking out a window and staring at his biceps while he fixes a car with her son. Then, later on, she doesn’t want to comply with these feelings. Hmmm… Well, if she didn’t have the hots for him earlier on, then these feelings of not being together with this guy would be valid. It’s just cliché after cliché that you’ve seen in many other Hollywood films.

There’s another element which just happens and never goes anywhere else between Noah and a girl that Claire’s son has a crush on. Never does this scene go further beyond that. There’s no divide between Noah and her son, and it just feels like a waste of potential for further drama and suspense; and that scene becomes filler, doing nothing to serve the plot. Really?!

The film also glosses over major scenes that would be relevant in terms of plot and character growth, like Claire reconnecting with her cheating husband. We get back after a date, all the time. Couldn’t we go on one of those dates and get to know these characters, outside that everyone has trust issues with one another?

‘The Boy Next Door’ is just bland and forgettable.

D D- A D-