‘Surf’s Up’ is the forgotten film in Sony Pictures Animation’s library of films, similar towards Pixar’s ‘A Bug’s Life’, and you know what, that is quite unfortunate, because this film is a ripper.

The film explores the dreams of Cody Maverick, a young penguin surfer who has dreams of winning a surfing competition. One day, he gets his big break, but ends up as a total wipe out. Cody soon meets a penguin that knows all about surfing, named Ezekiel.

This film is a step in the right direction for SPA, after the disappointment that was ‘Open Season’, this film has charm, it has heart, and most importantly, it has some great likeable characters, developed through this mockumentary, making this style a fresh of breath air, as this is something new for a CGI animated film.

The interaction bantering between Cody and Ezekiel was a lot of fun, and yet, they share similar traits which creates this bonded friendship between the two. The film has a nice message about following your dreams, and it also has some nice humorous scenes that will make the family laugh.

‘Surf’s Up’ is a well-executed movie, with great direction, some beautiful animation, some nice laughs, a good story about following dreams and greatly developed characters.

‘Surf’s Up’ is a winner.