Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Disney’s first sequel to a live-action adaptation to their beloved animated properties with ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. While the first film was a disappointment, does the sequel out shine the original? Let’s go through the looking glass and discuss.

The sequel sees Alice where the first film left off, having thrilling adventures in the sea. When she gets back, she is welcomed by her mother. Although short lived, Alice wants to set sail again, however runs into her ex-fiancé Hamish who wants to sell the ship for her house. As Alice tries to think, she is transported back to W… Underland to save the Mad Hatter who is dying because he remembers his family?! Yeah, I don’t really get why he is dying either.

I tried to like this movie, I really did, but it was a constant chore to get through. I really liked how the film started off as Alice takes charge of her father’s ship, and reconnecting with her mother. However, once at the party, the film takes a huge detour and is forgettable and bland. And while I remember, I am so pleased to finally get the backstory of the two sisters of the Red and White Queens, however this could have been in the first film, and just felt kind of tacked on as the White Queen just states the whole facts that this tragic event happened at this place, at this time, of this day. It wasn’t natural, it was stating the facts only for Alice to hear.

Mia Wasikowska is good as Alice, I found her performance an improvement over the first film, and along with her and Lindsay Duncan who plays Alice’s mother were the only two performances I really liked, as everyone else seemed to not want to be here, as their performances were bland and one-note.

The story has bad pacing issues and has too many subplots where point A is the first fifteen minutes of the film, then plot B takes over, then plot C and D and E. It just becomes a mess to follow. The film focuses solely on Alice rescuing Mad Hatter’s parents through time travel, but then other plot points begin to take over the movie like the struggles of sisterhood between the Red Queen and White Queen and Time’s desperate need to get Alice, although most times he is strangely been sent to the benches for the majority of the film’s runtime. Also worth noting is that while I was watching the movie, who I thought was the villain, actually turned out to be a misguided villain, and that the film’s true villain was Alice, which I found to be quite shocking.

‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ is forgettable, charmless and uninteresting, where stakes are never there, and just happens to take a lot of detours with many subplots that just don’t really go anywhere, despite having a good message of dreams are never impossible, but are washed out in the film’s messy story.