I’m not a big horror fan. I do like horror comedies like ‘Scream’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, but I’m not a fan of seeing a movie, just to get scared. I want to be entertained, not have me running out of the theatre doors. Lately, I have seen some horror flicks like ‘Insidious’ and the first ‘Conjuring’ film and they were creepy and suspenseful, which is something I rarely watch, however there was some thing interesting about those last two, they feature solid acting and some great direction; so naturally I would see ‘The Conjuring 2’. Like comedy sequels, horror sequels are hard to pull off, because they get repetitive and just redo what the first film did or it was just a good one-watch flick as the novelty has worn off. Luckily, ‘The Conjuring 2’ is the rare horror sequel that is just as good as the first film that started this horror phenomenon.

In 1977, set six years after the events of the first film, paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren get a call to travel to England to solve the mystery of a strange paranormal presence in a family’s home. However, they are shocked that the strange male demonic voice is coming from an eleven year old girl named Janet, who is being possessed by this evil presence.

Horror sequels tend to get cheesy as they go bigger, and try to be scarier, only to end up being campy and ridiculous. However, ‘The Conjuring 2’ is the rare exception of further expanding the story and character development of Ed and Lorraine. The sequel is very inventive, using some great shots such as tracking characters which seem like it’s all in one take or a scene that goes for like 4 minutes, but done in one shot that’s effective and quite confronting like the long shot of Ed talking to this spirit by looking the other way, with the evil spirit facing towards the camera, however out of focus, which creates this unsettling feeling. Although, while it isn’t too scary, it doesn’t make you leap off your seat in terror, the film is filled with suspense and great tension that builds until it reaches its conclusion. However, I will be lying if I didn’t jump in this film. I did – twice. Also, the soundtrack in this film fits in its time period, but they are just great too listen too.

For a horror film, the acting is very believable (and yes, I know I’m talking about a horror film, however it is based on a true story), and bring out some strong performances that you don’t normally find in horror flicks. ‘Conjuring’ veterans Verga Farmiga (Lorraine) and Patrick Wilson (Ed) are great reprising their roles and bring great chemistry and caring for one another. The stand-out performance is the girl of Janet, portrayed by Madison Wolfe, who bring a frightening performance, but makes it believable and scary to watch. I found the family aspects the highlight of the film that despite this scary stuff happening to them, they are still trying to stay together throughout this ordeal with Janet being possessed.

‘The Conjuring 2’ is a rare horror sequel that builds on suspense, tension and scares, while growing the development of these characters. ‘Conjuring 2’ is a film that must been seen while in theatres. It’s a scary good time.

I’m going to grab a biscuit or two now.