I have only seen Sony Pictures Animation’s ‘Open Season’ once when it debuted in theatres, but revisiting it, the film isn’t very enjoyable or entertaining.

‘Open Season’ follows a bear, named Boog, who lives in a garage with a woman named Beth, who is a park ranger who raises Boog as a cub. However, when trouble arises with a deer named Elliot, Boog must adapt to the woods, an environment that is practically foreign to him.

‘Open Season’ has a very simplistic story structure, but once Boog leaves the woods, the film derails all story, and is just basically a film about walking in circles, yes, they walk in circles on a number of occasions, and therefore, the film just feels like filler, and it basically is that. The film’s friendship between Boog and Elliot isn’t earned, as it lacks the development on the two’s friendship, thanks to not so spectacular writing. I can’t help but compare this film’s buddy friendship towards Shrek and Donkey, as that film did a spectacular job at characterizing the film’s friendship, with Shrek being an isolated ogre who has never had a friend, and Donkey being a character who loves making friends and yet cares for Shrek, even though Shrek doesn’t know he is missing friendship in his life. It’s hard to do that, because Boog has a friendship towards Beth, but Elliot only cares about is staying in Beth’s garage. The animal friends are mean spirited towards Boog, so when they find themselves in trouble, they change their tune to gain help from Boog.

If anything, I only liked so little in this film, and that’s basically the short-lived family dynamic between Boog and Beth, which is the only thing close towards any real emotion or heart. The rest is just laugh less gags. While I may have chuckled on one or two of these jokes, the rest just aren’t very funny, I mean how many films go for the nuts joke? This film did, and it just lacks any creativity towards the humour in this film.

‘Open Season’ may try to be heart-warming, but instead is a stretched out story, with characters that you don’t really care about, along with stale jokes and gags.