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There are a very few movies that break out and shine, and with the marketing of the film looking like a fun time, I didn’t expect Shane Black’s latest film being one of my favourites of the year. This is ‘The Nice Guys’, starring Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Time for a mystery in good ol’ 1977.

The time period is 1977 in Los Angeles where a porn star named Misty Mountains is killed in a car accident. Her aunt wants closure and pays private detective Holland March (Gosling) to find her, as she claims she’s seen her two days after her supposed death. Jackson Healey, a messenger that he proclaims, is searching for a missing girl named Amelia, and teams up with March to crack the case.

‘The Nice Guys’ has spectacular acting from the film’s two main leads as not only Crowe and Gosling bring impressive performances as their respectable characters, but surprisingly they have tremendous chemistry, despite two characters being polar opposites from one another, however their opposites is what makes this duo work, as Crowe’s Jackson is the straight and more serious character, while Gosling’s March is more the light hearted of the duo and also suffers from being an alcoholic. However, supporting characters also shine as Angourie Rice (Holly) and Margaret Qualley (Amelia) also bring strong acting performances and blend well with the film’s two male leads. Holly’s character reminded me a mixture of Penny from ‘Inspector Gadget’ and Veronica from ‘Veronica Mars’.

The film’s direction is particularly strong, with great comedic writing and a great story filled with many twists and turns. The film’s style feels like a movie that belongs in its time period, seeming like it was filmed in the 1970s, and brought some elements that seemed like it borrowed inspirations such as Blaxploitation films and 70’s action flicks. Shane Black has done a great job with this amazing movie. The film’s humour is infectious, and yet I had heaps of laugh-out loud moments that I even shed some tears in joy. Not in sadness, but in joy. Yeah, that rarely happens in films.

It’s hard thinking about any negatives with this movie. One thing I didn’t like was during a film’s dream sequence involving a bug, as it felt unnecessary, but that’s about it. It was a little slow-paced in a few scenes, but that seems like a nit-pick.

What else can I say? Do you want action? Check. Do you want strong acting? Check. A funny, yet suspenseful mystery? Check. ‘The Nice Guys’ is a nice masterpiece. Highly recommend checking this out.