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I’ve been wanting to review this film, ever since we created the page, three years ago as of today, and what better way to celebrate three years by reviewing the 2011 film ‘Sucker Punch’.

The film starts off as Babydoll (no seriously, that’s her name) is locked up at a mental institute by her step father who is very abusive, and is therefore blamed for her sister’s passing. Babydoll will be getting lobotomized in five days, so she plans to escape with four other women who are also locked up in this institute/brothel place, and she dreams while she’s dancing about kicking butt in these loud, over-the-top action sequences that don’t have much meaning towards the film’s story, other than it has the items for them to seek, and quoting my mother on this movie: “Very confusing. How did we ended up in Germany? Then there was robots and samurais. I have a headache watching it”. That basically sums up the action sequences during this movie.

This is my second time watching this movie (the first time was in theatres back in 2011 – five years ago), and it did nothing for me that helps to explain this movie. This film is so jumbled and messy, it becomes very tiring to watch.

‘Sucker Punch’ feels like two completely different films; one is this horror like, psychological thriller, trapped in a mental institution; the other film is an action movie. How do these two different genres go together? They don’t. The film never gels or blends the two together, and really, the action fantasy world is in her mind? That’s her dance? What? Really?

Not only that, the action scenes are so random, it doesn’t do anything towards the real world problems that these characters face, it’s just thirty extra minutes of padding towards this film to make it even longer than it needs to be. There’s no tension or uncertainty towards these dance dream action sequences, because they are all in Babydoll’s mind. I’ll give the technical team praise, the visual effects are really good, great even, although it doesn’t help but feel bored by them, as most action scenes are repetitive and tiring to watch – like with ‘The Last Airbender’, is it really necessary to slow down most of the action in this film?

The film tries to be this empowerment of women, but it doesn’t help if exploits this message as well. What are you trying to tell me movie?

‘Sucker Punch’ is one of the messiest, mind-boggling, confusing films I have ever seen, and while the visuals are nice, it just becomes, what I like to call now, visual noise – distracting audiences from the weak story and one-dimensional characters.