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The ‘X-Men’ franchise has had a solid run, with a few rough patches, although the prequels have revitalized this franchise with two of the best ‘X-Men’ films ever with ‘First Class’ and ‘Days of Future Past’. I’m not a big fan of prequels, however the X-Men prequels are one of the best prequels I’ve ever seen. Is ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ the continuing strength of the franchise or is it the downfall of this trilogy?

After many decades, Apocalypse has escaped his rock tomb and entered society in the 80’s by recruiting four mutants to stand by his side, while Professor Charles Xavier has opened his school for the gifted mutants and starts to help out some of their mutants who can’t control their powers.

I tried to love it as much as the previous films, and while I found it to be enjoyable and often entertaining, there flaws present, although I can’t deny of what it does so right. The film offers some great character development and layers of depth to some of the more highlighted mutants in this film, such as Michael Fassbender’s pure emotional and sophisticated heartfelt performance of Magneto and that his and Charles Xavier’s chemistry of their challenging, yet likeable friendship deserves credit by the writing of the film’s screenwriters and their characters’ actors of Fassbender and James McAvoy. The new mutants introduced were also one of the highlights of the film, with some solid performances as ‘X-Men’ original staples of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan respectively. The film has some very humorous lines, most that are genuine by love-struck Charles or what the audience is really feeling at certain scenes, like Magneto’s quip when first seeing Apocalypse. The visual effects, for the most part, look really great – although at times are a little odd, like giant Apocalypse.

However, there are a little flaws present such as the character of Apocalypse and the acting performance being weak, and Jubilee’s scenes of her in action being noticeably missing. Why even introduce her in the movie with her little screen time present? Severely disappointed by the lack of Jubilee as she looked the part, but really wanted to explore her character more and wanted her character to shine, like other characters received. And if you never saw the second trailer, I won’t spoil it here since I didn’t see that trailer before entering the theatre to see this latest entry, but while this surprise cameo has a cool sequence, it has a very abrupt end.

‘Apocalypse’ is noticeably weaker compared to the previous two entries of the prequel trilogy of the ‘X-Men’ franchise, yet it is not as bad as you have heard from many critics. It is an entertaining and enjoyable blockbuster, and while messy, it is an entertaining mess – a first time I think I have ever labelled a film.