Image via Aardman Animations/DreamWorks Animation

After three television specials, both been acclaimed both critically and with audiences, and all three shorts gaining an Oscar nomination, with the last two winning Best Animated Short. However, it’s time to go beyond the thirty minute limit into a full length eighty-five minute theatrical adventure on the big screen.

Before the film premiered in 2005, I was a huge fan of ‘Wallace & Gromit’, being inventive and creative stories, while providing fun and a grand scale adventure on the small screen, so initially I was overly excited for the duo’s first big screen adventure, and I was pleased that the film lives up to the first three shorts in both storytelling and humour. Plus, the film is the first and only stop motion animated film, as of writing, to ever win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

The film follows everyone’s favourite duo of Wallace and Gromit, now in control with a pest control business known as Anti-Pesto. The duo catch the rabbits, so that the townspeople are relived that their vegetable babies are safe and not eaten, due to a vegetable competition on the horizon. However, Wallace comes up with a plan to make rabbits stop eating vegetables, however lead to complication and a grand scaled adventure.

The movie is filled with a great story of the mysterious were-rabbit, filled with plenty of fun and hilarious gags and jokes. The characters are great, even to the supporting cast, but of course its Wallace and Gromit that steal the show, as always. The film introduces new characters to the franchise, including a love interest for Wallace with Lady Tottington and Hutch the rabbit, both a welcoming addition to the ‘Wallace & Gromit’ series.

‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ is hilarious and emotional, with a great story and some excellent use of stop motion animation that Aardman is known for, and you have the perfect recipe for a fun family animated adventure that all ages can enjoy.

‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ is a job well done.