We all know the legend, but do you know the story on how he became legend, well the film ‘Puss in Boots’ explains that daring and courageous question, on how he became the puss that we all know and love.

Before ‘Shrek 2’, Puss was an outlaw, wanted for his past, on how his brother Humpty and he went their separate ways after a friendship that became the bean club. However, when Puss wants magic beans from the murderous outlaws known as Jack and Jill, he will have to team up with his best friend and a kitty with soft paws, ironically known as Kitty Softpaws.

‘Puss in Boots’ is a prequel/spin-off to the ‘Shrek’ series and focuses on a secondary character in that franchise, and while secondary characters don’t often work when the spotlight is focused on them, examples include ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ and Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’, there are rare occasions where they do succeed, examples such as Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’, and thankfully it’s the latter as the film is full of fun and, shall I say, action as well.

The film has a well written story, and discover Puss’ backstory and his past, which is always a great step in the right direction as spin-offs on secondary characters need to explore these characters, and while it didn’t quite deliver in ‘Penguins of Madagascar’, it worked rather well in Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’, and the same can be said with this movie.

The film is also consistently clever and funny, an improvement over the past two ‘Shrek’ films, and nearly reach the level of the first two ‘Shrek’ films. While the film does often have a few misses amongst the jokes department, but for the most part, it is a rather entertaining humorous adventure with some great looking animation.

‘Puss in Boots’ delivers an entertaining adventure filled with danger, romance and golden eggs.