At this point I have seen ‘Taken’ and ‘Taken 3’. Now, there is only one movie left to complete the trilogy – ‘Taken 2’. I remember when this film was released, and it was panned by the critics. Now seen ‘Taken 2’, there are problems, but they are far better than ‘Taken 3’.

The film sees Bryan back, on vacation with his family, however the father of a son that was killed by Bryan in the previous film seek revenge. Simple plot, but the film was missing the suspense thrills that the first film had.

The action is hard to keep focus, from fast-paced shots, and while not to the extreme of ‘Taken 3’s don’t blink or you’ll miss it shots, this film’s action sequences were a bit too shaky, therefore I don’t know who Bryan is fighting against. Although, some of these sequences I’m like, really Bryan, you’d put your own daughter’s safety on the line by speeding up to avoid a train collision? Some fine parenting skills there. Also, while the villain was menacing, he didn’t do much after the first portion of the film, making his sidekicks the real villains because at least they did something for the majority of the film’s runtime.

I will say this, there are some funny lines and some of the sequences weren’t too bad – I thought I would hate the car chase with Bryan’s daughter Kim behind the wheel, but I didn’t – besides that train scene I mentioned earlier, and was actually the highlight of the film and the final fight scene was an entertaining watch, despite some odd cuts in the edits with the resolution of that fight scene.

‘Taken 2’ has problems, but I can at least say I’d take this any day over ‘Taken 3’. It has some decent action sequences, with a few questionable camera shots, but it is still a forgettable sequel.