Start your engine… I mean, snail.

‘Turbo’ is produced by DreamWorks Animation in an underdog story which involves a snail and fast cars. A snail named Theo, nickname Turbo, has a big dream of racing in the Indie 500, so when he gets sucked in to a fast car’s engine, he is blasted with nitrous oxide which fuses his DNA, making him a fast, speed, snail driving machine.

The film is very simplistic, and very predictable because of it’s predictable story. There are better underdog films out there, like ‘Cars’. The film has a nice message of dreaming big, making Turbo the most likeable and relatable character in the film, however his brother got repetitive to a fault of crushing his dream.

The film, at times, featured some visually impressive scenes, mainly when Turbo is moving at the speed of light. The movie isn’t bad, but it is forgettable and many characters get side tracked, making the side characters boring and not fun. Many jokes fall flat, and only a few that shine, but overall ‘Turbo’ is generic and forgettable. Kids will love it, but adults will find little entertainment here, compared to previous DWA features.

‘Turbo’ drives at neutral speed.