Image via DreamWorks Animation

What a crood surprise!

‘The Croods’ is produced by DreamWorks Animation and tells the story of a family of caveman named the Croods, and have survived by hiding in caves. However, when the end of the world starts, their home is destroyed, and must survive the new world in order to make it to Tomorrow, along with Guy and his talking Belt.

‘The Croods’ is very similar to ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’ as the plot device is essentially trying to survive the end of the world, ‘Ice Age 2’ had a meltdown, this film has lava. Additionally, it is also similar in the family dynamics, as ‘Ice Age 2’ also focuses on family. However, what makes the two films apart is that this film captures more heart and emotion, compared to ‘Ice Age 2’.

‘The Croods’ surprisingly has charm, and the characters are goofy, yet also fun to watch as they explore the open new world. One of my favourite characters shocked me, as Guy was the character that stood out from the rest of the family, as he has ideas and explore what he has gone through with his family, as I was expecting him to be a one-dimensional character that was purely designed to be a love interest for Eep, and while that is true to a degree, he is unique and is the glue to the film to bring some life to the movie. While I did like Grug’s character growth, his jealously and resistant to change got a bit too repetitive towards the end, however makes his character relatable about a productive father towards his family.

‘The Croods’ is inventive, creative, fun, hilarious, and surprisingly emotional.

‘The Croods’ is one of the best efforts from DreamWorks Animation.