‘Bee Movie’ is the forgotten DreamWorks Animation title that was released in 2007, after the studio’s most disappointing film ‘Shrek the Third’. Is ‘Bee Movie’ the welcomed comeback from a studio that rarely had a misstep, making great and enjoyable family films such as ‘Shrek’, ‘Over the Hedge’ and ‘Madagascar’, or does it continue their downward spiral? Unfortunately, it’s the latter.

‘Bee Movie’ is about a bee named Barry B. Benson, who is separated from the Pollen Jocks, and ends up meeting and becoming friends with a florist named Vanessa Bloome (oh, the puns, the film is full of them). While maintaining this friend-relationship? Barry sees the humans profiting from honey, stealing what the bees make. I couldn’t make this up, as much as I could try.

The film suffers from an unfocused, and confusing story. The story seems to be making up as it progresses along, being unfocused and generally unbalanced, as what I thought was the major plot, e.g. the friendship or romance between Barry and Vanessa, takes the backseat once Barry finds out about the honey factories, and instead becomes a court case film for the majority of the film’s runtime, until the film’s third act, which frankly comes out of nowhere, only to be a mention in the first act, but by the time the film reaches the third act, you end up forgetting about Vanessa’s mention of the flower float parade, which is the reason as the film is very unbalanced and doesn’t know what to focus the film’s time on.

The film also is too silly, and cartoony, and while it worked well with ‘Over the Hedge’, the film goes for over-the-top laughs, but forgets about being funny, and ends up being awkward and cringe worthy at best.

While the film does show some form of promise, as the imagination with the bee hive is colourful and vibrant, the film suffers from a messy story, and mostly laugh-less jokes, which makes the film a drag to watch.

‘Bee Movie’ is a D movie.

D D- A D-