The prequel/sequel to 2012’s ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’, this time focusing on Chris Hemsworth’s character as Eric the Huntsman, instead of everybody’s favourite Snow White. Is it better than the forgettable and bland first film or does it completely miss the mark? Let’s start exploring the film’s story, and discuss it in the review.

Long ago, Freya is expecting a baby, however she loses it, and thus her powers was born becoming the Ice Queen. She decides to take the village’s kids away from their parents, and bringing them up as her huntsman’s. However, due to her complicated past, she demands that love is forbidden and is not accepted in her kingdom. Although, Eric and Sara refuse this law, and have fallen in love with one another. There’s more, but that would be treading onto spoiler territory.

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ is another bland and forgettable film, even more so than its first outing. Eric as a character isn’t very well fleshed out, just a likeable guy who can defeat monsters and baddies, that’s about it. Jessica Chastain is the film’s breakthrough performance, although while Chastain tries her best, it is unfortunate that her character is also very underdeveloped, as her character has a necklace that was given to her abandoned mother which she calls as her “treasure”, that’s it. The character is a blank-slate, which I would have loved more to her character, despite being a badass warrior. While I personally really like Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt of who portray as the two evil sisters, their performances came as weak and flat. Theron is basically in this film, just to get revenge on Snow White – that’s it. What was the point in bringing the evil queen back? I didn’t found myself liking the dwarves that much, not adding much to the film’s action sequences, as they venture off to their own little side quest, while Eric and Sara embark on the film’s main and important mission, and although while I didn’t particularly like them, I can at least say, their characters are the only ones in the film that grows throughout the film, and even have some humour at times and personality.

Oh, and while I say far too often that trailers show too much of the film, here’s a new one, the marketing is misleading and I must point that out as the trailer advertise the film as “the story before Snow White”, and while that’s somewhat true, it is only the film’s first fifteen minutes, and not the whole film that the trailer is marketing towards.

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ is more focused on its romance story, than the film’s main story of the two queen sisters, and because of that is very underwhelming, especially its climatic conclusion. In the end, I found it tedious and missing elements on character and a strong story. Mirror, mirror on the wall, why wasn’t this movie the greatest of them all?