Another year… another entry for the ‘Divergent’ series. This franchise is on shaky ground. While the first film was enjoyable in parts, I found it quite entertaining from time to time. Although, last year’s sequel ‘Insurgent’ was basically forgettable and sleep inducing. Will ‘Allegiant’ follow suit with the blandness of ‘Insurgent’ or is it on the enjoyable side of ‘Divergent’? Let’s discuss the film and find out.

After the discovery of known life outside the wall from the box in ‘Insurgent’, Beatrice wants to know what’s on the other side, and while she embarks on this quest with her boyfriend Four, she somehow invites the whole gang to join, even though they don’t offer much in the film’s plot. What they find outside the wall will change the game.

The film has enjoyable parts, not going to lie. It has some nice direction, although the visual effects at times is questionable, like this weird scene when Beatrice and her friends first arrive at the Future and the helicopter climax scene that was too over-the-top, easily noticing the effects.

The action scenes are entertaining to watch, and are the highlight parts of the movie. They are at least choreographed well, and there are twists, although it can be a tad bit predictable and cringe worthy dialogue from time to time. The characterization still suffers, there’s not much to them when you enter the film, than when you left the film, not much to care about them, although the acting is solid.

‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’ is slightly an improvement over the previous entry ‘Insurgent’, but it doesn’t make up with the film’s drab of a plot and uneven story, despite the action, direction and acting being quite good to watch.