‘Over the Hedge’ is DreamWorks Animation’s underrated, and maybe almost forgotten, film.

The film sees RJ the racoon who steals a bear’s long list of food, only to end up being caught in the act and losing the food. Vincent the bear gives RJ a week until the full moon emerges to get all of his food back, which leaves RJ to enlist a group of “foreigners” which consist of a turtle, a squirrel, a skunk, a family of porcupines and a duo of opossums, to go over the hedge and steal the food that RJ needs to fulfill Vincent’s deal.

‘Over the Hedge’ is cartoony, but in a good way, it knows it’s a 3D computer animated cartoon and it has fun with it, never jarring. The film is also mostly hilarious, and often at times has heart present, with RJ’s acceptance that the thing his missing the most isn’t food, but a family, making the characters likeable and fun to watch.

The film’s story is simple, but if it isn’t for the fun characters and the film’s sense of humour, this film would be a bore to watch, but thankfully DreamWorks Animation has crafted a film that has a nice balance between being funny and being serious, that not all of the studio’s films know how to handle, e.g. ‘Shrek the Third’.

‘Over the Hedge’ is brimming with fun, energetic humour and a simple story that’s both sympathetic and heart-warming that the whole family will find something to enjoy.

‘Over the Hedge’ goes over expectations and proves it’s a worthy addition to the DWA film library.