I wrote this movie review back in February of 2015, but at the time I decided not to post it. As of today, it was the only review I ever wrote that was never published, and I have now decided it is time to see my thoughts about this comedy flick that went, maybe, a little too far for its infamous theatrical release, that later was downgraded from nationwide to limited release and on demand like iTunes and YouTube.

‘The Interview’ is the latest comedy offer from Seth Rogen and James Franco. I wasn’t originally going to review the comedy, but I’m putting the controversy behind, and reviewing this movie as a regular movie, as it was intended.

‘The Interview’ is about Dave Skylark (James Franco), a comedian host who only reports about gossip, because that is the only news according to Dave. He and Aaron (Seth Rogen) are great friends, as Aaron is Dave’s producer, and gets the interview of a lifetime.

‘The Interview’ has some really fantastic sets and design, as the film looks ravishing. While the comedy is very hilarious at the start of the film, the film is very unbalanced among the jokes department, while some jokes are very hilarious, the film does have a lot of awkward humour that eventually becomes unfunny.

Rogen and Franco’s bromance chemistry is one of the film’s stand-out moments, as they both worked off one another very well. Sadly, the story is a bit of a mess, focusing on too many half-baked ideas which eventually goes nowhere in the end. Towards the film’s conclusion, I thought the film was going in a smart and sophisticated finale that I didn’t see coming, and while they did incorporate the idea, that idea was ultimately thrown out the window, which was very disappointing.

Concluding, ‘The Interview’ is wild, but maybe too wild, as it is a decent comedy, but with a very messy plot as it features so many ideas, but doesn’t quite mesh them together.