Surprise, surprise, ‘Avatar’ sequels are pushed back, and another sequel is announced, now taking the total number of sequels to four; which means ‘Avatar’ is now a five film series.

Director James Cameron announced at CinemaCon that ‘Avatar 2’ will debut in theatres in December 2018, with the next subsequent sequels to follow with ‘Avatar 3’ for December 2020, ‘Avatar 4’ for December 2022 and ‘Avatar 5’ for a December 2023 release. ‘Avatar 2’ was originally scheduled for a 2015 release, then was pushed back for a 2016, then a 2017 release.

I’m really excited for more ‘Avatar’ stories, but I’m getting a bit tired of the constant release date shuffles, hopefully this is more concrete and won’t move again.

Source: Collider