The Greeks are back, and Toula’s family is still close. Much too close. Set time after the first film, which is fourteen years since the release of the surprise hit of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ in 2002 (which grossed an unbelievable $368.8 million), Toula is now coping with her daughter’s failed relationship, growing distant from her Greek culture and her large family. However, Toula and Ian try to stop their daughter Paris from leaving them to attend to college in New York City. Also, Toula’s father unexpectedly finds out that his not married to his wife, after fifty years of thinking they were married. And now, we have another big fat Greek wedding to plan.

To fend off haters, I thought the first film was surprisingly enjoyable, and often at times a clever romantic comedy. The sequel has many flaws, and is often disappointing because the sequel has so much promise and potential, it’s just unfortunate they have thrown too many subplots at you, instead of having a solid plot A with smaller plots surrounding it, the sequel is just made up of small subplots throughout. There’s potential that doesn’t grow or ends up forgotten in the process, an example is the idea of Toula and Ian’s marriage crumbling at the seams, there’s a plot that gets screen time, but often takes the backseat to focus on the wedding, an example is Paris’ desires of going to College, and then there’s the wedding plot which doesn’t have enough material to sustain. The plots, maybe, should have gone in complete reverse, and maybe the sequel would have been a much more improved film.

However, while there are some great witty lines, too often the film tries to be funny, rather than being funny, and much of that has to do with some over-the-top acting, but comes out forced and wooden. Although, some performances actually stood out from the movie. Toula’s daughter Paris, played by Elena Kampouris, actually did a very good job portraying a daughter that wants to be distant and escape her family’s wackiness and distancing herself from her Greek culture, but also portraying as someone who feels like an outsider in both her school life and her family. Additionally, the character that gets the most laughs is Andrea Martin who plays the aunt Voula, portraying a good comedic performance, without going to over-the-top, although maybe it works best for her character because she is very theatrical and loud, but in a good way.

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ had so much promise, but lacks a sustainable plot thread with a lot of groans than laughs, and while I liked parts of the film, overall it just ends up being a real letdown of a sequel.

Not even Windex could fix this film.