Before the third chapter of the ‘Divergent’ series debuts in theatres, I watch the sequel ‘Insurgent’, the second chapter of the franchise, for the first time.

I found the first film to be somewhat enjoyable, and while that film had flaws, it had some positive aspects such as the acting and some characterization. This is where ‘Insurgent’ is the opposite, the sequel has hardly a story, and is more in the moment, worrying about whatever circumstance comes in the main characters way.

Essentially, ‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’ is basically about Jeanine (Kate Winslet) obtaining this mysterious box, which could lead to the destruction of the Divergents. Jeanine orders her troops to track down the strongest divergent to open the box (hmmm… I wonder who?)

The sequel features less character, compared to the first film, resulting in stiff writing and some less than spectacular action sequences, or dream sequences, ‘Inception’ style. Oh, and thanks for ruining the most action packed scene in the film’s first theatrical trailer. Again, marketing these days just show too much.

‘Insurgent’ is not all bad, but it’s not that entertaining or exciting, offering much of the first film with a lesser story, weaker characterization and an off-paced structure.

‘Insurgent’ is a forgettable dream and a snooze of a sequel. *Zzzz…*