Your favourite zoo animals are back, this time no longer in Madagascar, but now see themselves lost in Africa, after a plane crash. While the plane gets fixed, the gang of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman explore Africa, but in the midst of exploring, Alex finds his parents, after being separated since he was a small cub.

‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’ goes bigger and better than its predecessor. The film captures enough heart with Alex and his parents, but also improves the first film’s flaws, and adds depth to Alex the Lion, e.g. why he was scared of being put in a box in the first film.

The sequel gives plenty for each main character to do, improving the first film. Marty finds out he may not be as unique as he originally thought, Melman becomes a doctor since he knows everything medicine, and Gloria gets a love interest.

The film has plenty of laughs, more so than the first film, and is consistently hilarious, and plus, those penguins continue to steal the show with their schemes and missions.

‘Madagascar 2’ has more heart, more laughs, and more character, while it does lose for its, at times, jumbled story, the sequel is just a massive improvement and provides fun for the whole family.