*Claps* Bravo DreamWorks Animation, bravo.

After a string of misfires lately with ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ and ‘Home’, DreamWorks Animation returns to one of their more successful properties, and the result is a crowd pleasing, well made quality animated film that I’ve been waiting for the studio to make again for so long, and one that can entertain adults, as well as the kids. And what better than a studio that has made the most consistent quality made computer generated sequels out of all the animation company’s working today with ‘Madagascar 2′ and ‘3’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’, with a few misses like ‘Shrek the Third’.

The plot revolves around Po the Panda, as he now goes from student to teacher, teaching his friends on his mastery of kung fu and skills of awesome. However, when Kai, former friend of Master Oogway, master of all chi, gets Oogway’s chi, making him return to the real world, away from the spirit realm that he was banished in for all eternity. Now after power and revenge, he attempts to seek out on a mission to get the dragon warrior’s chi.

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ doesn’t change much of the structure of the franchise’s roots, however this is the funniest ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movie so far, with most jokes and gags hits, with a few rare misses, with some of them a little too repetitive like the panda that likes to hug, although you will have a ball with the jokes that just constantly keep nailing with laugh out loud results.

The characters are what you expect by now, although Po is the exception, his character grows and learns about who he is, and his family that were abandoned after all this time. It gives Po a reason and his goals are clear on what he wants to accomplish by trying to master his chi with his newly founded father.

The animation is a colourful delight, mixing CGI with traditional animation, the film is a beauty to see.

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ is fun, fast as lighting and a little bit frightening. It’s the best DreamWorks Animation film since ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’.