After much requested, I finally get around to review the film that started an action franchise about a man who has a particular set of skills in ‘Taken’.

I’ve never seen the first film, or the much debated sequel, although I have seen the third film and I was not very favourable, calling the film’s action “appalling” and frustratingly “irritating to watch”. While I didn’t love the first film, I can at least say I’d take the first film any day over the ill-fated ‘Taken 3’.

‘Taken’ sees Bryan Mills, a father whose wife has been remarried and hardly sees his daughter thanks to his job working as a bodyguard. Although, when his daughter, Kim, wanting to go to a trip to Paris, however she is caught in unforeseen circumstances as she becomes abducted by an unknown man. This puts Bryan back on the job, trying to save and rescue his daughter.

‘Taken’ is filled with plenty of tension, and for the most part becomes a well-executed action thriller with some really well shot action sequences. Although, at times, it becomes slightly hard to follow, moving from one location to another, which I may have liked this film to have gone longer to flesh out this story a little bit more, as the film clocks in at a surprising 90 minutes long, although I’m glad it is at times well-paced, and doesn’t feel overlong and tiring, like the third film was.

I liked the father/daughter relationship between the two central characters, and would have liked their characters fleshed out a little more.

‘Taken’ has a few flaws, but it is definitely an entertaining action thriller that doesn’t overstay its welcome, bringing some interesting characters, some well shot action sequences and a few twists and turns in the film’s plot.