‘The Bélier Family’, or known through its French title ‘La Famille Bélier’, is a French comedy/drama film, directed by Éric Lartigau. While I don’t speak French, the film screening I attended featured English subtitles, and while some of the songs weren’t subbed, I could understand the film’s themes and messages it was trying to convey.

The film follows a teenage girl named Paula who discovers she has a talent for singing, as she lives in a family who are deaf.

I applaud the film’s messages and its dramatic tension, it offers fantastic characters who are, for the most part, well written, and offers a dilemma that both Paula and her family must try to resolve. The family dynamics and the family’s relationship is the film’s glue with their affections’ love for one another with their humbling spirit, despite at times the family hierarchy falling apart. However, thanks to the film’s witty, yet serious script, you care about these characters and you want the family to succeed their goals. While I won’t discuss the film’s ending, it is such a beautiful resolution.

The film’s acting performances are solid, and give praises to Louane Emera and Karin Viard for bringing the film’s stand-out performances.

While one and a half songs were English subbed, despite not knowing the lyrics to the songs, I was still enjoying the music, but the songs represent the film’s mood and tone of being lovely and emotional.

‘The Bélier Family’ has shades of a clichéd teen flick, however the film goes one step beyond by bringing out this family’s struggle on staying together by bringing emotion and heart-warming scenes.

This film isn’t for everyone, but for those that are willing to give it a go, you might be slightly surprised by the film’s messages of family, love, upbringing and abandonment.