The awesomeness continues with the sequel to 2008’s ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

The sequel sees Lord Shen, a peacock warrior, who seeks out to rule his village, but cast out, he seeks his revenge, and removing kung fu with a firework weapon, leaving Po, a.k.a. the dragon warrior, and the furious five to stop Lord Shen.

The sequel is well directed, with many shots fast-paced and well animated, detailing beautiful animation, both computer generated and traditional animation as they stylize memories in this form of animation, which showcases Po’s forgotten past, adding a layer of depth to the character and the story at large. The film focuses on exploring Po and finding the mystery on his parents, an element they left the door open in the first film.

The sequel still brings out the jokes, being quite hilarious at times, an example includes Po’s enemy being stairs.

‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ at times even rivals the first film, but while that film added some mystery on the ancient dragon scroll, the film still has a great message about finding your destiny.

‘Panda 2’ is fast, furious and funny.