Get ready to ride along again… (my failed attempt at a pun) for the sequel ‘Ride Along 2’.

I have never seen the first ‘Ride Along’ film, so this film has the opportunity to introduce me to these characters and this world, and while maybe sometimes they say they’ve done it again – treading onto rehashing, because I’ve never seen the first film these elements seem original to me. Before I discuss the film, if you are a fan of the first film, still see the second film and don’t take my opinion on the film.

‘Ride Along 2’ opens when James must bust a crime when they find out who Troy has been working for (the villain at the start of the film). James and Ben must team up to stop the crime, despite Ben have a wedding in a couple of days, because who doesn’t love some wedding dramas.

This film is rarely funny, and when the characters are unlikeable, it makes it hard to laugh at their shenanigans. The film offers clichéd humour that you’ve seen in other films, and often feels lazy and unfocused. An example is taking food out of a bin and eating it, it makes no impact on the plot and the reasoning behind it is only there just to feel grossed out, making it filler, and that’s possibly the best I can call most of this film, filler. The story takes the backseat just to get a laugh out of the audience, and when the story does come back into the spotlight, I found it confusing and unfocused.

‘Ride Along 2’ isn’t very funny and isn’t very creative amongst its storytelling and unlikeable characters.

D D- A D-