Get ready to be enchanted with… uh, well ‘Enchanted’, released in 2007 and directed by Kevin Lima. This was my first time watching this film after years of desire to see it, but after watching the film for the first time in forever, I can see why it is a favourite amongst Disney fans.

Once upon a time, in the animated world known as Andalasia, a young woman named Giselle is waiting for when her life will begin for the prince of her dreams, waiting for her true love’s kiss, among her animal friends. However, once she falls in love with a prince named Edward, who he is sort of charming shall I say, rescues her from a tree. From there, it’s love at first sight and ready to be hitched. Despite all this happiness, Prince Edward’s stepmother has other plans, and sends Giselle down a magic wishing fountain, only to be transported to be part of our world.

The characters of Giselle and Robert are quite the polar opposite. Giselle is a dreamer, believing in true love’s kiss, happily ever after’s and the kindness of people around her; Robert on the other hand works a divorce attorney, so his job solely relies on people not having happily ever after, but yet this film makes it work, with characters written with care and passion, filled with wonderful character development and an intriguing story, even if you think you have heard it all before.

Is it formulaic of previous Disney fairy-tale films? Of course it is, but the film is filled with laugh out loud dialogue and gags, filled with magic and fun, I had a blast with this film, despite knowing how the film will end, and that’s what makes a great Disney fairy-tale film, twisting the predictable plot arcs and making them seem new and fresh, mixing fairy-tale tropes in this modern world, an example being a mobile phone in the animated world or rats and cockroaches helping to clean the house and cleaning the dishes.

Giselle is a wonderful character, mixed with some former princesses like Snow White and Ariel, and is provided with a stellar acting performance by Amy Adams, who feels like she is an actual animated princess, leaped off from the paper that her character was created upon.

The film has references that Disney fans will notice and adore towards films such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Lady and the Tramp’, just to name a few.

The songs are also wonderful, with my favourite being “That’s How You Know” being the only song I knew before watching this film, but there are other great songs such as “Ever After”, “True Love’s Kiss” and “Happy Working Song”. However, there was one that stood out to me, with that being “So Close”, the song is incredibly romantic and charming, but the scene associated with the song was handled with wonderful direction, growing the protagonist’s love for one another, despite being so close, they are really so far apart as they are already set to be engaged with their supposed true loves. I really loved this scene so much, I’m trying my best to describe it in words.

There are some problems within the film, as I found the character of Pip to not really have much weight to the story, with the exception towards the ending, being in the film for the kids to laugh, but I found him to be a little unnecessary, but that is my only complaint in this wonderful motion picture.

‘Enchanted’ is a truly remarkable piece of cinema, not only is it a love letter to fairy-tale animated films, it is a nearly perfect family film that all ages can enjoy, and it is quite a feat that this film could have been a disaster.

However it is quite the opposite, as ‘Enchanted’ is a dazzling beauty being whimsical, romantic, sweet, charming and dare I say it, enchanting.