Is this a reboot? Is it a prequel, since Ryan Reynolds is still casted as Wade Wilson? Is it a sequel? This ‘X-Men’ timeline is so confusing, however this version of the character is anything but confusing.

‘Deadpool’ is based upon the Marvel comics with the same name, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein and T. J. Miller.

‘Deadpool’ follows Wade Wilson, a mercenary who deals trouble for bad guys. He falls in love with a woman who is perfect for him, Vanessa, however finds out he has multiple organ cancer. He is offered a cure, however is in the hands of some more bad guys who cure the strongest of people to create super powered mutants.

What works? The film’s action sequences are choreographed and shot very well. However, don’t walk in thinking it’s a traditional superhero film, as the film’s action-packed scenes are extremely violent, along the veins of ‘Kick-Ass’ and last year’s hit ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.

I found the film to be quite humorous at times, and some jokes and gags were extremely hilarious, however while it isn’t consistent in laughs, there is enough to have you entertained, even if some of the jokes fall flat or slightly miss. Plus, before you walk in, brush up on some ‘X-Men’ films, as there are slight references involving the ‘X-Men’ franchise that are often the most hilarious lines in the film, along with some of their rival superhero companies.

Ryan Reynolds provides a strong performance as Wade Wilson, and while at times his jokes miss, some of the scenes Reynolds provides some powerful emotional scenes, although he seems to be having fun throwing quick witty lines as the merc with the mouth Deadpool.

What are the downfalls? The villain isn’t as interesting or compelling enough, and is there to serve the plot as Deadpool needs someone to defeat, as the villain doesn’t feel quite fleshed out as a character, instead of being a plot device for our anti-hero.

Additionally, at times the film’s narrative can be a little jarring to follow, going for an inventive way to tell the film’s story, instead of a linear traditional route to tell the story, however while trying to be inventive, you are watching a lot of flashbacks until the film catches up on the film’s second act.

‘Deadpool’ is directed with enough action sequences and filled with fun and witty dialogue, the film shows some clever creativity, although the film does lack with some excessive use of flashbacks and an uninteresting villain. Is it as enjoyable or inventive as other adult comic book film ‘Kick-Ass’? No, however it is fun and is an enjoyable time at the cinema. Plus, there is a really funny scene at the end of the credits.