Graduation is near, and it’s time for our favourite wildcats to leave East High, however they won’t leave without one last hurrah, and thankfully it ends on a high note.

‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ follows the usual wildcats, however Troy is coming to troubles to figuring out what college he wants to go, and there’s a big musical show titled Senior Year; “Genius”.

While the plot seems simplistic and perhaps formulaic, however it does provide some more complex to it that I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen the film, but there is emotion present, and if you’ve seen the other two films, it might get emotional towards the film’s final bow.

The acting is an improvement from the first two films, and the film’s writing is a significant improvement as well, even though there are some cheesy lines, however there are more laughs and more entertaining than the previous films.

The songs are the highlight of the movie, and while they are not all memorable, they are at least catchy and well written, with my favourites being the exhilarating opening number of “Now or Never”, the impressive choreography of “The Boys Are Back”, the nice duet of “Right Here, Right Now”, the showstopper of “I Want It All”, the dilemma of choosing which right path to go into college with “Scream” and the emotion and fun song that ends the franchise quietly fittingly with the song “High School Musical”. And is it only me that wanted more Ryan and Kelsi to share more screen time together?

‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ is the showstopper finale that ends the trilogy on a high note, improving on its first two instalments, and provides great songs, a nice story and some creative musical numbers.