The highest rated cable program at the time, and currently is still the highest rated Disney Channel Original Movie of all-time with 17.2 million viewers, ‘High School Musical 2’ went on to break records for cable programming. And while the first film is entertaining, the sequel tries to go bigger, but it isn’t better than its likeable predecessor.

The sequel sees the fellow Wildcats on summer break, letting Troy score jobs for his friends, however it is at Sharpay’s parents’ country club.

The sequel has lots of moments where it actually tops the first film in my opinion. The film offers some good growth for Troy and Gabriella’s relationship, leading to one of the film’s highlight scenes of Troy and Gabriella going their separate ways, allowing for lots of emotion through “Gotta Go My Own Way”, and I should add that Vanessa Hudgens offers the strongest acting performance in the film, especially towards the song previously mentioned.

Some of the songs are fun to listen to and can be extremely catchy, such as the opening musical number “What Time is it?”, both versions of “You are the Music in Me” and my favourite song in the sequel “Everyday”, allowing for a genuine and satisfying conclusion to the film. Although, some songs are extremely forgettable, such as “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” and “All For One” which the latter is an odd last number to conclude the film.

The sequel has this weak romance jealously subplot and some of the characters feel like they belong in a sitcom, rather than a television movie, as the first film offered little of that.

‘High School Musical 2’ offers some fun, with some catchy songs and some good moments that evaluates this sequel from being flat, however overall the film has some weak subplots and bland new characters.