Once upon a time, Shrek and Fiona lived happily ever after, however, the story doesn’t end there because Shrek is tired of his parenting life, and wants to feel like a real ogre again, back to the good old days in the very first ‘Shrek’ story. Making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin (who has changed his appearance from the previous film) he gets to be an ogre for a day, only to realize, he has given the day he was born to Rumple, giving him 24 hours until his day comes to an end. Will Shrek and Fiona get their happily ever after, again?

‘Shrek Forever After’ is an improvement over the previous installment which failed to match the story and humour heights of the first two films, and while the fourth film does have a more solid story, than the mess ‘Shrek the Third’ was, it isn’t as joyful that the first ‘Shrek’ films delivered. ‘Shrek Forever After’ has a handful of humorous jokes, that will make you giggle or even smile for the nostalgic references from the first ‘Shrek’ film (which at the time, was nine years ago – time sure flies). While it does provide humour, it follows the same problem that ‘Shrek the Third’ had, it isn’t as consistent, making for some long scenes without even a giggle, however, while the story is much better than the third film, ‘Shrek Forever After’ is more focused on being heartfelt and sincere, that the first two ‘Shrek’ films accomplished successfully that made the world fall in love with these characters and this fairy-tale world.

While the film as a whole isn’t as structurally written, than the first two ‘Shrek’ films, like the set-up of the deal was weak and the pop culture references just for the sake of having pop culture references, ‘Shrek Forever After’ does get things right such as a heartfelt conclusion and seeing how these characters look in an altered parallel universe, e.g. Puss now a stayed at home cat, instead of the lovable ogre assassin that we all know and love.

‘Shrek Forever After’ is the final chapter of the ‘Shrek’ series, and while at times it does reach the first two films in both the heart and the message, the film gets muddled with a weak villain and flat jokes, and while it isn’t the conclusion of a series that ‘Toy Story 3’ delivered (despite being a fourth film in the works), ‘Shrek Forever After’ is more satisfying and heartfelt than the previous outing.