A tale as old as time, and beloved by millions of people with Disney’s take on ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Nominated for six Oscars, and winning two, the film became the first animated film to ever be nominated for the top prize for Best Picture, and while the film has since been joined by two Pixar feature films of ‘Up’ and ‘Toy Story 3’, it remains to this day as the only traditional animated film nominated for Best Picture. This may shock some people, but before reviewing this film, I have never seen ‘Beauty and the Beast’. While some elements are familiar to me in ‘Once Upon A Time’, I have never seen the movie before.

The film is about Belle, a girl who loves to read, but everyone in the village thinks she’s rather odd. However, Gaston has his sights to propose to Belle, but she is just not interested. When her father is in danger, she helps him out, unfortunately, the deal is altered with a beast, with Belle becoming his prisoner.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ has some wonderful animation, with some highlights including the famous scene in the Ballroom between Belle and the Beast, being wonderfully animated and incredible use of CAPS, which at its time was very early in its induction to animated films, adding an extra layer to its stupendous animation work, allowing the CAPS to blend with the traditional animated characters.

The film’s story is solid, about a complicated romance story which guides the characters growth and relationship. Although, I dislike those villagers a lot for judging a book by its cover, as the Beast did nothing to hurt them, but I guess that’s basically the moral of the story with the film’s message of beauty under the Beast which compliments the film’s central protagonists quite well.

Perhaps my only gripe with the film is some of the songs are quite forgettable, however there are songs that are one of Disney’s greatest such as “Beauty and the Beast”, although I did also liked “Be Our Guest” and “Something There”, which the former introduces us to the wonderful castle and the former developing the relationship between Belle and Beast.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is charming, romantic, sweet, and surprisingly dark too, and although it’s not the greatest animated Disney film I’ve seen, it definitely comes close to the heights of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’.