Rob’s Review (22/01/2016):

‘Parallels’ is the 2015 sci-fi movie directed, and written by Christopher Lee.

The film starts with Ronan as he receives a weird call from his dad that he has not heard of in 2 years, telling him to go to an address at a certain time, along with his sister who got the same call they embark into this mysterious building.

This movie has issues, I am not talking about the issues that we can just overlook and move on and pretend they did not happen. Anyone who knows me, knows I like sci-fi as much as the next person, and this movie promised on the sci-fi genre, ie travelling to different earths and exploring them (my favourite genre of anything is really the multiverse), but unfortunately this is where it stops.

The acting while plausible in some scenes is decent enough to carry the story along, but in other scenes I was laughing when I should have been feeling for these people instead, because the acting is so bad. This could be because of the actors themselves or of the bad script.

The story itself is mediocre, with some clichés which I will let slide but thought I should mention them anyway, and one major plot hole which makes the ending of the movie work to form a conclusion (if you could call it a conclusion) but at the cost of completely ignoring about half of the film.

This movie was originally intended to be a TV show (I only found this out after reading up on it), which comes to another issue, write the movie as a TV show with a pilot, it seems like a TV show in the way the story flows. This movie was fine up until the last 10 minutes; which you think I’m going to get an end. NOPE! You would be wrong; you are left with your questions than them actually being answered. I know most movies do this don’t get me wrong, but when your characters are under developed and the movie resolves nothing, then I’m not going to see the next movie.

Overall this movie suffers big for one reason and one reason only, this was meant to be a TV show, a pilot, a web series, a whatever, but nope we got a movie, which is a shame because it would have been better as a TV show.

Score: 5/10