Celebrating its tenth birthday today, the Disney Channel Original Movie that became an instant phenomenon in ‘High School Musical’. Before this film, I didn’t have an interest in live-action musicals, with ‘Grease’ being the only one that I liked, mainly thanks to my mother who was always watching the film. However, once I saw this film for the first time, ‘High School Musical’ introduced me to the musical genre, later paving way to my other favourites such as ‘Glee’ as an example.

The film is about two teenagers, named Troy and Gabriella, meeting each other for the first time at a country club over the Winter break, chosen by the spotlight of chance (which I am calling it) which they sing together at karaoke, which introduce themselves. However, once school goes back, Gabriella moves to East High, which she meets Troy again (in the world’s shortest class) and the two audition for the school musical.

The film has a good message of breaking the status quo and messages about friendship and chasing dreams. The songs are catchy, and although it has been a while since I’ve seen the film, I still know most of the lyrics to the film’s songs with “Start of Something New”, both versions of “What I’ve Been Looking For”, “When There Was Me and You” and “Breaking Free” as my favourites amongst the film’s catchy tunes.

The cast does a good job performing Mas their characters, however Ashley Tisdale steals the spotlight as the perfectly cast Sharpay Evans, and if you’ve seen ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ then you know Tisdale provides a stellar performance as a character that is completely opposite to Maddie Fitzpatrick, as Maddie is sweet and kind, while Sharpay is shallow and selfish.

‘High School Musical’ isn’t everyone’s Crème brûlée, but it has enough fun, catchy songs and a nice story of breaking the status quo and chasing dreams.