‘The 5th Wave’ is an adaption of the novel with the same name, directed by J Blakeson.

The movie explores how humanity is welcomed by weird alien ships, labelled as the others. Each wave causes massive events, such as tsunamis and earthquakes for each wave. However, a girl named Cassie is trying to survive this apocalyptic world and trying to get back to her brother.

You’re probably wondering, “oh another young-adult movie” *rolls eyes*, however, this film has plenty to appreciate, escaping from other failed young-adult films such as ‘The Host’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’.

The film has some serviceable acting, however it’s Chloe Grace Moretz that stands above the cast, providing a very good performance and the glue that holds the film together as much as it can.

The film is shot wonderfully well and has some good direction, with some impressive scenes featuring throughout the film, however its main problems is the film’s story. What starts out strong in the film’s first act, introducing the audience to the film’s scenario and characters, it unfortunately stumbles in its second act with a weak romantic subplot, only to conclude with a satisfying, yet questionable, third act.

‘The 5th Wave’ is at times intense, with some well shot action sequences, however the film suffers from a weak romantic subplot and sometimes unfocused narrative.