While the Fantastic Four is my least favourite superhero team, much to this distaste is thanks mainly to the weak ‘Fantastic Four’ films that have been made so far, both the 2005 and 2015 version lacking in terms of the entertainment and action factor, and while I’ve never seen the 2005 version’s sequel before reviewing, I can say this, ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is the best ‘Fantastic Four’ branded film that has been made prior to writing. Do I think it is a fantastic film? Absolutely not. However, I surprisingly didn’t hate it as much as its 2005 predecessor.

The sequel sees a threat known as the Silver Surfer invading our planet, as he causes some freakish things to occur, such as Egypt being a much cooler and colder place. However, he wrecks the wedding of Mr. Fantastic (Richard) and Invisible Woman (Susan), leaving the Human Torch (Johnny) to stop him, however, is having some unusual power problems, causing him to trade powers with his Fantastic Four team.

The action sequences look pretty cool, and entertaining to watch, and has more balance between action and story, compared to the first film where the action is pretty non-existed. Although, the visual effects for normal human things look extremely bad, and while I say it may be the due of advancing technology, but this is a 2007 film, and I remember the visual effects in some movies holding up better over time.

The dialogue is cringe worthy, however there are some humorous scenes towards Johnny and Ben’s newly founded friendship, and some of the characters interactions are more sincere, an example includes Johnny and Susan’s relationship. However, the romantic relationship between Richard and Susan is still missing some substance towards their love, despite only caring for one other. The characters might care, but the audience sure doesn’t.

While the story is much more understandable, it is unfortunate it suffers from poor plot arcs, many concerning Dr. Doom, and frankly, I think the film would be better without him, or at least, not being friends with the Army. Did they not read the newspaper that happened between Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four team from the first film?

Despite these problems, the sequel is definitely an improvement over its uneven and mostly boring predecessor, but still suffers from cringe worthy dialogue and poor plot arcs. However, ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ does have some enjoyment to be found, even if it is a bit inconsistent at times.