After rebounding to great filmmaking with ‘Inside Out’, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ on the other hand, feels like a safe choice, which is frustrating because the film has potential to be great, but is muddled without an engaging storyline. ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is Pixar’s second feature film this year, a first for Pixar, and sixteenth overall in the company’s filmography.

The dinosaur flick explores a “what if” scenario, as what happens if the meteor missed the Earth, and that life on Earth is still populated by all types of dinosaurs. The film follows Arlo, the youngest in the family of Apatosaurus, learning to adapt to the harsh environment, and along the journey meets a human boy, who acts like a dog, called Spot.

The animation is a visual treat, being beautiful to watch, with the detailed backdrops of prehistoric times, and one of the most visually pleasing films produced by Pixar ever, which is saying something from a company who puts so much effort in making their films visually impressive. It’s great to watch the sheer spectacle and scope of the film’s dino filled world, and you will start to question the film’s animated backdrops because it looks like it was filmed in live-action. It’s that impressive.

The film’s story is where I have a mixed response. At times, the film is surprisingly touching and heartfelt, an example includes a scene with Arlo and Spot explaining about their family with sand, and for myself personally, I found the bonding friendship between Arlo and Spot one of the film’s stand-out moments, as you care towards these characters, learning to survive this terrifying world with different personality traits, examples include Arlo living in fear and Spot being courageous and brave.

However, the film has too much scenes that just stall the film, and removing wouldn’t affect the film’s overall story, an example is the scene with Forrest Woodbush and the strange fruit scene which didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. I could go further, especially towards the film’s third act, but that would tread onto spoiler territory, but I’ll go so far to say, the film adds something which I thought wasn’t quite necessary between these two character’s strong friendship they develop throughout the film as that is the glue that holds this film together.

‘The Good Dinosaur’ feels hollow at times, but does have moments of heart and emotion attached, along with visually beautiful animation that goes beyond of what Pixar has produced before, I just wish the story was stronger, as this could have been the great dinosaur, instead was slightly disappointed by Pixar’s latest flick.

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Daniel B- AG B-