Acclaimed director David O. Russell returns with his latest film, again collaborating with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, in ‘Joy’.

The film explores a mother who, from a young age, has had dreams of inventing. After her life becomes a struggling journey, especially with her whole family living at her house, she comes up with an invention about a mop, but not just one of your average mops, but one that self-rinses, proclaimed as the miracle mop.

What works with the film is the film’s central character Joy, as she is the most developed character, and at times, you care about her as she struggles in selling her creation to millions of people. Also to give credit, Jennifer Lawrence also provides a good performance as the central character, making you feel towards her struggles, her dreams and the weight of her crazy family dynamic. Also worth mentioning, Bradley Cooper provides a nice performance as Neil Walker, despite a small presence in this film.

The problems is that the film tries to expand on the film’s simplistic, yet effective story, towards Joy’s family, but they are underdeveloped, as you don’t really care because of their limited screen time. The film’s story is also longer than it needs to be, and often becoming tiring as the film progresses along. And I should add, the soap opera moments comes off very strange, as they don’t fit the rest of the film, becoming inconsistent in tone.

While the film provides a somewhat satisfy, yet rushed, third act, the film struggles with its rocky first half and doesn’t become interesting until its second half where the film focuses primarily on her inventive mop.