Oh boy! How far the Chipmunks have fallen. Get ready folks, after a four year absence that was ‘Chipwrecked’, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back in ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip’.

The film follows these three chipmunks (and yes, there’s three, I’ll talk about those Chipettes later) who their friend Dave is going to Miami to pop the question, however, they don’t want Dave to marry, because Dave’s girlfriend’s son, Miles, is very mean towards the three, so they try to stop the proposal. Oh, and there’s a birthday party somewhere in there as well.

The film’s plot is simple enough to follow, but it’s what you do with this simple plot that can break or make a movie, and unfortunately, the film is extremely hollow, more random scenes put together than an actual feature film. The film definitely needed some more rewrites, as the jokes were just tired and clichéd, that you’ve seen in other films by now. Sure, I chuckled about three times during this movie, but if I can count how many times I chuckled in a movie, you know you’re not on the right path as a comedy flick.

Now, I’ve never seen the second and third film when the Chipettes were introduce to this franchise, as I’ve only seen the first film which I thought at the time was slightly entertaining, but the Chipettes, they are so useless in this film, removing their scenes completely does not affect the film’s story at all. They might have been more useful in the previous two sequels, but in this film, they were basically on the sidelines, doing nothing until the Chipmunks needed them to help. The film tries to have some heart with Miles, but at that stage, I was already checked out of the film, and the character was just too mean spirited towards the Chipmunks, so you never find the character likeable, even when they try to implement some heart to his character. Most adult characters seemed like they were in a cartoon, and I know the Chipmunks are basically CGI cartoon characters, but they have the excuse to be cartoony, the human characters don’t have that excuse, and just comes off annoying and just too silly.

Any positives? The songs were at least entertaining to listen too? “You Are My Home” is a great original song. Just wish there were more songs like this one.

‘The Road Chip’ is lacking creativity, and instead embraces the tiring jokes and hollow story. If you liked the previous three Chipmunk films, you’ll enjoy this one, go check it out. And for a film called ‘The Road Chip’, you’d think they’d be more road trip in it?