‘Arrietty’, or the American title ‘The Secret World of Arrietty’, or the Japanese title ‘The Borrower of Arrietty’ (so many different variations of titles to this movie) is the sixteenth feature film from acclaimed animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli.

This is my third film from Studio Ghibli I’ve seen, as lately I’ve seen the enjoyable ‘Spirited Away’ and this year’s masterful work of ‘When Marnie Was There’. As my third film, I can see why Studio Ghibli has a dedicated fan base as their films are the equivalent to Pixar, putting lots of care and effort into every film they produce, and ‘Arrietty’ is no different.

The film explores the secret world of little people, or what they self-title themselves as borrowers, as they borrow things from a house living with human beings, and in itself, create their own culture and way of life. A thirteen year old girl named Arrietty is one of the borrowers, as her family lives underneath the house populated by humans. However, when a boy named Sho discovers her, things go out of control.

I enjoyed this movie, I think it’s a very good animated film that all families can enjoy, however, the film does provide some faults, as I would of liked more interaction between Arrietty and Sho as it would have been more powerful for its conclusion, as it was sweet, but could have tugged at the heart strings if there was more interaction between the two. Despite this, the characters are well realised, and you do care about Arrietty and her family, and even Sho, as Studio Ghibli are great at developing characters that you do really care about, which always makes their films interesting and engaging.

The traditional animation, like their previous films, are extremely beautiful and is always a treat to see. I really liked this world that Studio Ghibli have created, with the help of the book the film was adapted from titled ‘The Borrowers’, and the score helped elevate this film’s environment as the score was whimsical and light.

‘Arrietty’ is a cutesy, sweet little film that all families will enjoy.