A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

The Empire, has indeed, striked back in the fifth, and second released, ‘Star Wars’ film titled ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. The sequel sees our favourite three characters, Luke, Han and Leia in their new base in an icy cold planet known as Hoth, after being driven away by the Galactic Empire. However, the Empire knows the whereabouts of the Rebel Alliance’s base and sees to destroy them.

This sequel is a significant improvement over its predecessor. While I do like ‘A New Hope’ for its world building and introducing the force and these wonderful and likeable characters, the first film was far often too slow and the action not as exciting. This is where ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is a much better and well-crafted film, the action is more intense and there is more action, making a better balance between story and battles.

I appreciate the film is much darker and more violent than its predecessor, offering a lot of suspense and uncertainty towards these characters, and also introduces some new characters which are a nice addition to the saga. The characters also grow in this film, and in my opinion transition from likeable to interesting and exciting characters, thanks to quick witty lines and characterisation, such as the bantering between Han and Leia, and Luke deciding whether he has darkness inside him, just like his father.

I can see why ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is a favourite and often regarded as the best of the series, it’s action-packed, it’s darker in tone and writing, its characters are much more fleshed out, and it’s just a blast from start to finish.

Daniel’s Grade: A

Average Grade: A