A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

The third and final film in the prequel trilogy titled ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’. The last two prequels have been disappointing, filled with so much exposition and very little of story, instead there’s spectacle everywhere, but voids the heart and development that we want with the spectacle, but is ‘Episode III’ better than the first two films? Yeah, but it’s still filled with terrible dialogue.

The third film starts off that Chancellor Palpatine has been kidnapped by Count Dooku, leaving Obi-Wan and Anakin to save him. However, the dark side is infiltrating the Republic, leaving for a war between the Jedi’s and the Sith.

The film’s story is slightly easier to follow, than the previous two films in the prequel trilogy, however, the film does get lost in the middle with a cool looking villain, named General Grievous, and while his design and voice is so good, as he is menacing, like the past two film’s villains, we have no characterization, and General Grievous hasn’t appeared in any of the previous films, just popping out of nowhere, just to provide another 40 minutes to this film’s runtime. Additionally, like ‘Attack of the Clones’, the film’s romance dialogue is unbearable, although when Padme isn’t loving Anakin, she has a couple of great lines.

The film does have positives, the film’s fight scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin is one of the best things out of all the prequels, however is a little long than it needed to be, and Yoda and Palpatine’s battle is cool to see as these two powerful forces battling one another. The film’s opening sequence is also, surprisingly fun, and enjoyable, the most enjoyment I’ve had out of the prequels. It’s just unfortunate when they return back to the home planet the film becomes more like the rest of the prequels.

‘Revenge of the Sith’ is far more enjoyable than the other prequels, but still suffers from an unfocused narrative, terrible dialogue at times and weak acting, however, the film does have the most consistent tone of action and spectacle, making this entry significantly better than the previous films.

Daniel’s Grade: C

Average Grade: C