In recent years, Seth Rogen has made a name for himself, and has created his own genre of comedy as well, for some hilarious comedies such as ‘This is the End’ and ‘Bad Neighbours’, and while ‘The Interview’ was enjoyable in parts, I usually find myself giggling out loud to his films, however ‘The Night Before’ is no laughing matter.

Once upon a Christmas, Ethan loses his parents on Christmas Eve, and every Christmas Eve since then, his friends go to parties with him, becoming an annual tradition. But out of the blue, some woman shows up and says this party is the best thing ever called The Nutcracker, and so they are destined to find this place, but can never find it. However, one day, Ethan finds the tickets, and celebrate this year’s Christmas in style.

The film’s story is a mess, there isn’t much of a hook or long-term plot thread that keeps this film chugging, and instead, it loses steam right from the start of the film, filled with laugh less humour, and stalls for quite a bit, an example includes the Church scene or the mysterious woman who has no long-term effect to the story.

However, it’s not that the film wasn’t funny, there are a few moments of laughter as the film got funnier towards the last thirty minutes, but by then, I was already checked out of the movie. Most problems is towards drug related humour and relentless grossed out gags, which is heavily featured in this film, more than past Rogen films, but by now, it is getting old.

However, the film does have some nice moments towards the characters friendship, but just wasn’t enough to care about them. Maybe more screen time and characterisation would have helped the film.

‘The Night Before’ tries to be funny, but fails with a flat story and lack of humour. I just wish the film contained more moments of laughing out loud for a more consistent balance between the film’s story and humour.

‘The Night Before’ is more of a stocking stuffer than a present.